User Privacy Notice

Mostly Melbourne is committed to your privacy as we realize the importance of keeping your personal information private. We shall follow the requirements by law to execute the measures to safeguard and maintain the ultimate safety of the information we collected from you. Thus, Mostly Melbourne Service Provider (thereafter referred to as “we”) made this “Legal Notice and Privacy Policy” (thereafter referred to as “The Policy/the Privacy Policy”) for your reference to explain our collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information as well as to remind you of that:

The Policy applies to all products and services provided by Mostly Melbourne. It includes those offered by the suppliers associated with us (see Definitions for detailed information) who use our products or services (such as, user account) but do not have their own privacy policy in place.

It is important to note that The Policy does not apply to services provided to you as a third party, nor those products or services excluded from The Policy. For example, Mostly Melbourne shall not be responsible for any service offered by the sellers on Mostly Melbourne website.

Please review and agree to The Policy before using products and/or services provided by Mostly Melbourne. Using our products and/or services is considered your acceptance of the terms explained in The Policy. Should there be any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.

1.       Section I: Definitions

1.        Mostly Melbourne: The website and users of

2.       Mostly Melbourne Service Provider: As a provider, Mostly Melbourne renders the Internet connection and software services for your use.

3.       Personal Information: The recorded information relating to a nature person, who can be thus identified by the sole or combined specific identifier(s) or activities, obtained through electronic or other means.

4.      Sensitive Personal Information: It includes-mail, purchases, home address, contact information, mobile phone numbers, and others.

5.       Deletion of Personal Information: The removal of stored Personal Information from filing system to prevent the information from being available for further search on or access to the specific account.

2.      Section II: Legal Notice

1.        Ownership and Rights

Unless by specific notification, we and/or our associates retain the ownership of all information regarding our products, technology, software, process, data, and others (including words, logos, pictures, photos, audio and video displays, diagrams, colour combinations, website designs, etc.) as well as the rights (including copy right, trademarks, patents, proprietary information, etc.). Without a written consent from Mostly Melbourne and/or its associates, no one shall monitor, copy, spread, display, photograph, upload, or download any content on Mostly Melbourne website, not excluding by means of robot or spiders.

2.       Limit of Liability

Since the information disseminated by Mostly Melbourne is based on BBS format, Users are legally responsible for all uploaded displays on their Stores (not limited to the names of the store, company and contact person(s), or merchandise descriptions, pictures and videos). Any additional conditions required by Mostly Melbourne can be found on specified agreement or other legal documents for individual users.

We do not guarantee the truthfulness, nor necessarily agree or disagree with, the content of any publication (such as, discussions and comments) that is shown on Mostly Melbourne website. The displays are intended for public information and for your reference.

3.       Protection of Intellectual Property

We respect and will vehemently defend the intellectual property of the owners. Should an owner feel his/her rights be violated by any content on Mostly Melbourne website (including, but not limited to, information on their merchandise disclosed by Mostly Melbourne users), please contact us with your complaint. We shall on a timely basis follow the law and regulation and proceed to investigate and settle the case on the appropriate platform.

3.      Section III: Privacy Policy

1.        How we collect and use your personal information

For the following purposes, we will collect and use your Personal Information:

1.        Helping you to become a Mostly Melbourne member

To become an active member of Mostly Melbourne so that we may provide you with our services, you need to submit your cell phone number, e-mail address and create a user name and password for the application. However, this is not necessary if you intend to only browse and search information available on our website.

Upon a request initiated by you to cancel your Mostly Melbourne account, we shall, according to the regulating law, timely remove all online Personal Information of yours.

2.       Displaying and delivering merchandise and/or services to you

To improve our products and/or services, we will base on your browsing, searching, device usage, geo-location, order history to send you relevant information of interest to you to facilitate your future needs.

If you wish to opt out such messages or advertising, please notify us at any time to remove you from our mailing list.

3.       Providing you with merchandise and services

1.        Personal Information you gave us

To facilitate merchandise delivery and service provision, we need you to give us the receiver’s name, address, postal code and contact phone number for each order.

You may purchase our merchandise or service for others through Mostly Melbourne website as long as the abovementioned information of the receiver is provided for the order. Prior to your order submission, however, please be sure to have the receiver’s permission in releasing the contact information.

2.       Information we collected from your using our services

To render web displays and search results best fit for your needs, to understand merchandise/service that matches your personal preference, and to quickly detect any irregularities occurred to your account, we need to collect information relating to your search habit and history that may include:

Device usage: We shall base on the restrictions specified on your software installation and applications to receive and record information on the equipment and devices you use (e.g., model number, operation system, settings, unique identifier and other software/hardware properties) and the locations (e.g., IP address, GPS location, WIFI connection, Bluetooth, Base station and other sensing devices).

Logon information: We automatically record the information when you log on to Mostly Melbourne website for searching or communicating with Sellers for product procurement or services request. Data, such as search results, IP addresses, browser type, cable/phone/wireless provider, language used, visiting times, dates and websites, etc. are collected.

Please note that individual device usage and logon information are not considered identifiable personal information. On the other hand, when we combine such non-personal information with others to identify a specific individual user, or applying it with some Personal Information, then the combined file becomes Personal Information, which shall be protected as such. Unless you have instructed us otherwise, or the law requires differently, we shall treat it with hidden identity and on a label-free basis.

To display order data for managing your account, we will collect all related information during the process.

We save the contents, messages and contact information whenever you e-mail or phone us so that we may respond, answer or report the resolution on your inquiries.

Should Mostly Melbourne cease to operate, we will notify you with formal notification by public announcement and/or direct mailing, stop collecting and delete your personal information to prevent from further exposure as soon as possible.

2.       How we use cookies and similar technologies

1.        Cookie

For the purposes of smooth operation, pleasant online browsing, and rendition of customized recommendations, we install cookies on your computer or mobile device. Such small file generally contains identifiers, URL and other digital and word symbols.

You may organize or choose to delete cookies on file. To do that, please refer to for instruction. While most internet browsers do not block cookies, you may prefer to rid of them by visiting the provider.

2.       How we might share, transfer and/or disclose your Personal Information

1.        Sharing

We do not share your Personal Information with any firms, organizations or persons outside the service providers associated with Mostly Melbourne, except:

Upon receiving a positively proven permission for the sharing: Only with your approval, we shall allow the information sharing as specified.

Under legal obligation to share: When applicable laws, regulations, litigation arbitrations, or requests by governmental administration or judicial agencies for such disclosure, we are obliged to share your Personal Information.

2.       How we protect your Personal Information

Our global privacy standards shall reasonably and practically protect your Personal Information that you have entrusted us. We warrant such information to be free of any damage or loss due to fraudulent and unauthorized access, exposure, usage or alteration to it. For instance, the exchange data between your Internet browser and server (e.g., credit card information) are encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for security. We also apply HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Layer) on Mostly Melbourne website for your safe browsing. We will try our best to protect your Personal Information from any unwanted attacks or intrusions to your privacy by installing and updating our control system and by allowing only authorized personnel to have access to your files.

We will, by all reasonable and practical measures, avoid collecting unrelated personal information from our users. Only within the confined areas as specified in The Policy shall we collect and retain your personal information for a limited time, unless a special need or requirement by law supersedes the pre-condition.

There is no absolute security in the online environment. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you do not send personal messages through mailing venues which are not recommended by Mostly Melbourne. You may safely use our service to establish contact your network for sharing personal information. This can be conducted with ease for your selected third party to view your information as well.

Your trading activities on Mostly Melbourne invariably reveal your personal information, such as contact method and address, to the receivers or potential trade partners. Therefore, cautions must be exercised in making such connections, and the actions should be executed only when necessary. If, at any time, when you discover a leak on your Sensitive Personal Information, especially your account name and password, please contact Mostly Melbourne Customer Service immediately so that appropriate measures for protection or remedy can be implemented as soon as possible.

In using voluntary or public sharing on Mostly Melbourne website, please be aware of the potential risks in revealing your and/or other’s personal information including the uploaded messages and photos in your evaluation of products or services. Again, care should be exercised in conducting such activities.

It is advisable to use complex passwords to safeguard your online activities. The practice will materially help us in protecting your interest as well. Although we are committed to ensure the highest safety for your Personal Information, there are chances when our physical, technical and managerial security systems encounter vicious attacks that cause serious impairments, leakages, alternation, and/or damages to your Personal Information. In such events, we will bear the legal responsibilities on the losses.

We shall routinely perform unscheduled updates, and notify you of any security risks and safety evaluations on Personal Information via public announcements.

In the event of a security bleach on your Personal Information, according to the law, we shall notify you with status report on the incident and potential effect(s) on your account, specify the measures and procedures being taken in response to the discovery, offer suggestions for you to prevent damage or mitigate risks, and stipulate remedying tasks to be implemented. All relevant information shall be delivered to you by postal mail, letters, phone call, notification or other means. If the deliverance of the major message to individuals is not possible, we shall use other reasonable and applicable means to disseminate the message.

3.       How you should manage your Personal Information

You can properly manage your Personal Information by accessing or handling it in the following manners:

Accessing your Personal Information

Except where the law prohibits, you are entitled to accessing your Personal Information at any time. You may reach the file on Mostly Melbourne website by one of the following approaches:

Account information – by logging on to your account and clicking "My Account", you can view and edit your Personal Information, browse transactions, change password, add security information, or close account.

Order status – you may review or delete records on your orders or trading history.

Should you encounter any difficulties in getting to your Personal Information file via abovementioned routes, please contact Mostly Melbourne Customer Service for assistance. We will respond within 10 working days.

Correct or amend your Personal Information

You have the right to request correction on any mistakes made by us on your Personal Information.

Deletion of Personal Information

You may request deletion of your Personal Information on file, if:

Our handling on your Personal Information is against the law;

Our collection or usage of your Personal Information is not clearly approved by you;

Our managing your Personal Information seriously violates the User Agreement between you and Mostly Melbourne;

You cease to use Mostly Melbourne products or services, or have initiated cancellation on your account with Mostly Melbourne;

We have permanently terminated provision of our products or services to you.

When you delete information on a Mostly Melbourne file, the information may not be immediately erased from the backup file. However, it will be eliminated at the time when the file is refreshed or updated.

Amendment on your agreement with Mostly Melbourne

Every online operation with Mostly Melbourne requires a certain personal information to proceed and complete (ref. Section III, 3.1). Any additional collection and application of your Personal Information may be amended by entering "My Account" on your Mostly Melbourne account or by contacting Mostly Melbourne Customer Service.

Once you have withdrawn an authorization, we will no longer process any further requests on the specific privilege. However, such decision will not affect the Agreement previously specified in managing your Personal Information.

3.       How we handle Personal Information of underage users

No one under the age of eighteen (18) years is accepted to create an account at Mostly Melbourne. By accepting the User Agreement, you acknowledge that you are older than 18-year-old.

4.      Howth Policy is updated

The Policy will undergo changes from time to time in respond to new developments. Any major amendment will be prominently disseminated (including distribution of Mostly Melbourne notification and personal e-mail) among the members.

5.       Contact us

You may reach us by the following venues. We shall respond to your request within 15 days.

For any questions, comments or suggestions on The Policy, please e-mail us at;

For leakage of your Personal Information, please notify us at as soon as possible.