Meet Rivers Drinkware from Japan

Meet Rivers Drinkware from Japan

Shibuya, Tokyo, 2000.

"To propose new lifestyles and culture to people,
and create new things that people will use with affection in their daily lives."

A small company of just two people launched a new brand based on this very concept.
This was the birth of the "RIVERS" drinkware brand.

The design concept of Wallmug Sleek was simply "a reusable cup to carry-around every day"

Looks and feels like a paper cup in your hand, but environmental friendly :)


Eat, Wear, Listen, Dream.

What spice things up the life is every piece of daily life.

Our brand's starting point is focused on "drinking",

for example, a glass of water for waking up refreshed,

a cup of coffee for a change,

and a beer when you think about the day gone by,

to make every day comfortable.

So many people, so many ways to spend the time.

It is the RIVERS drinkware

that brings a pretty happiness to that every moment.