Unboxing PowerFalcon 45W Dual USB PD Charger

Unboxing PowerFalcon 45W Dual USB PD Charger

Package contains: 1 x PowerFalcon Charger and 4 x Interchangeable AC plugs.

Locking mechanism quite secure. Each of the AC plugs has "Push", "Lock" and "Open" with directions clearly marked.


Model: PS300E-ACT-10
USB-C Output: 5 PDOs with up to 20V/2.25A 45W output
USB-A Output: 5V2.1A

Using Power-Z KM001C tester, the USB-C supports QC3.0 and PD3.0 with 5 PDOs: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V

Using Power-Z FL001S Tester, the USB-A port supports 5V2.4A output

Load testing setup

USB-C: ZMI QB815 at 10%, charging power ~ 15V3A 45W

USB-A: active-fan dead load set to 5V 2.4A Output

Load testing for 1 hour, using FLIR One Pro. Peak temperature measured to be 64°C