Red Dot 2017 - Winner  |  IDEA 2017 - Finalist: AMIRO O Series

Red Dot 2017 - Winner | IDEA 2017 - Finalist: AMIRO O Series

AMIRO O Series
AMIRO is an 8 inch Led Sensor Mirror with unique lighting method which is bright but not harmful to eyes. 
We treated the LeD mirror as a solar tree in the desktop mini nature, because in this AI age, we think products which have brains or moving abilities are animals, others, like the LeD mirror that can not think is a plant. Moreover, all the makeup products can not live without mirror, as people use it to check faces, it's just like creatures need sun to obtain energy. Consequently, our design question is if the sun is a tree, what would it looks like. 「SolarTree」
IDEA 2017 - Finalist  |  Red Dot 2017 - Winner
Then we designed the appearance about a mirror without pot in order to present a tree. As the LED mirror is a product in the corner of Fashion and technology, therefore we applied basic geometric shapes to present technology products, and iconful colors to describe fashion. 
We also add a lot meaningful details to make user interactions more delightful. here is sensor for hands off, suction cup for stable. last but not the least, the mirror can be rotated in order to store and dramatically decrease package sizes for overseas shipment.
Design Director of Accompany Tech, Shenzhen China.
Former Researcher at MIT Media Lab - OpenAG,
26 times Red Dot, IF, IDEA, Gmark winner.